About Me

Hi and welcome to Lazy Girl Makeup! My name is Jenn Chu and I’m a professional make up artist and writer based in Southern California. ┬áThis website started out as a blog, which is why I bought such a peculiar name for my website, but now I use it for my personal website as well as my blog because I still have many people asking me for my opinion on certain products.

My love for cosmetics bloomed in my college years, but my love for art has been with me my entire life. While obtaining my degree at The University of California, Santa Barbara, I worked as a freelance and traveling artist and traveled throughout Southern California for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Christian Dior Beauty, and ByTerry Cosmetics. By working for various cosmetic brands, I was able to learn different tricks and techniques while also getting a wider range of product knowledge to better suit my clients.

I specialize in bridal, glamour, and special event make up artistry and have dabbled in face painting/special effects for music video productions and various projects. When I’m not doing make up, you can find me at Disneyland or daydreaming about my next cheat meal.